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Stock Trading School You've Come to the Right Place! If you're here, chances are you're looking for a stock trading program that will maximize your profits. You may be here because you've read or heard stories about someone who "made a killing" in the market. A good stock trading program will help you to maximize the skills you already have an make the most of your investment. Don't Be Intimidated The market no longer need be the domain of the professional trader. Traders who have the proper knowledge and methodology will succeed. But with the right helping hand you can use the same techniques and trading systems that the professional use. Try a Different Stock Trading Program We recommend you practice trading with a variety of trade programs on paper for short trial periods, so you see for yourself how the various stock trading systems work before you start committing real money. The key is not necessarily what system you use or how much capital you start with. What matters is that you start, and that you stick with the system. More Hints About Trading Here's an interesting statistic: Over 70% of people trading less than 1 year consider themselves good traders. However, 95% of those same traders were losing money. And over 90% within 1 year of starting to trade will quit trading out of disgust or loss of money or both. Many traders enter the market without the proper tools. They fail to take advantage of the stock trading programs and methods that are available to them. Stock Trading School There is no one school that specializes exclusively in stock trading classes. Many web sites offer stock trading programs that they believe will help people better understand the complex and constantly changing world of the stock market. Good stock market information, especially from these sites can be very hard to come by. Most groups would rather the individual trader not understand the actual secrets behind most stock trading operations, and for good reason. Unless you are completely sure that the source is legitimate, it is probably not a wise choice to sign up for these stock trading schools. If you, however, find a legitimate source like Vision Investing, it may be a good way to get started with little overhead. Their trading programs can teach you how to trade like the pros in very little time, and their newsletters can keep you informed on the latest trends. There is no better partner then a knowledgeable expert, and Vision Investing can make sure fit that mold perfectly.
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  • - Provider of investment advice and retirement education for 401k/retirement plan participants.
  • - Provides retirement planning services.
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  • Norris Financial Group - Market research and investment portfolio tracking. Includes company profile, information and contacts.
  • OC and H Capital Management - Offers financial planning using a fee based structure. Retirement, investment and estate planning, insurance needs analysis, budgeting assistance.
  • OnPlan - OnPlan provides "private-labeled" 401(k) asset allocation and Mutual Fund Selection guidance.
  • Oswald Financial, Inc. - Designs and operates 401(k), profit sharing and defined benefit plans. Features newsletter, links to related resources. Contact details.
  • PenD'Calc - Software designed for financial advisors whose business is to help clients plan their retirement and preserve their estate.
  • Pension and Estate Planners, Inc. - Offering services for 401(k), MPPP, PSP and insurance.
  • The Pension Annuity Site - Offers information and links for pension annuity resources.
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  • - Specializes in the analysis of pension plans.
  • PensionSorter - Jargon-free independent information on UK pensions and financial planning for retirement.
  • - Organized to be devoted to educating the public about their rights under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) and to assist participants in understanding and enforcing their rights.
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  • - Site offers information for both employers and participants in pension plans. Includes information on 401(k) and IRAs.
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  • Retire Plan Ask - Independent retirement planning and lump sum investment advice for the UK.
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  • Retirement Wealth Management, Inc. - Provides personal investment management services.
  • Retirement-4-U - Retirement planning and consulting services providing specific individual retirement information tailored to retirement goals.
  • Risk Management JPA Fringe Benefits Consortium - Offers retirement planning for employees of San Diego County and Imperial County School districts. USA.
  • RK Asset Management - A financial planning firm. Services include retirement and estate planning, fee-based brokerage accounts, annuities and 401k plan consulting.
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  • Senior Life Planning Services, L.L.C. - Offers estate and taxation planning assistance.
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  • Spectrum Insurance Group - Insurance products and pension and profit sharing plans.
  • Spencer Solutions - Specializes in long-term care insurance and retirement planning.
  • Staffordshire Financial Services - Offer retirement planning schemes, help and advice in investing for retirement.
  • Sterling Trust Company - Self-directed individual retirement accounts, qualified business retirement plans, personal custodial accounts and corporate trust and escrow arrangements. Details of services and account access.
  • Steve Wood and Associates - Advisors on retirement planning, investments, mutual funds, life insurance, and asset allocation for individuals, foundations, and small businesses.
  • Still River Retirement Planning Software - Software solutions to meet the retirement plans marketplace.
  • Suffolk Life Group Plc - Contains information about sipps and ssas pension schemes.
  • - Offers Australian retirement planning information.
  • Teachers Financial Services - Retirement planning, tax sheltered annuities and insurance services for Southern California public school employees.
  • ThirdAge Retirement Troubleshooter - Assesses your current finances, so investors can know where they want to be in the future.
  • Tony R. Green - Specializing in estate and retirement planning.
  • Tools2Retire - Construct your retirement plan with tools and information.
  • Tracey Little - Provides retirement and financial services advice to America's middle-income families. Details on seminars and financial facts.
  • Transamerica Retirement Services - A full range of retirement services, including 401(k) and profit-sharing plans.
  • Uniglobal Pension Planning, Inc. - Financial planning.
  • United Pension Associates, Inc. - An independent consultant and third party administrator providing pension plan design and administration services.
  • Valentine Capital Retirement Planning Group - Offers portfolio and asset management and retirement planning services.
  • Wintrust - Offers pension and investment consultacy.
  • - Offering financial planning, insurance, investing, tax-advantaged plans, retirement planning, home mortgages and debt elimination plans.

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